About the Perth office

The Maurice Blackburn Perth office provides clear legal advice and services to residents of Perth and the surrounding areas. Our Perth lawyers combine local knowledge with the expertise and resources of a national law firm to bring expert legal services to you.

At the Maurice Blackburn law firm in Perth we have an unwavering commitment to achieving the best results for our clients, many of who approach us for help during a vulnerable time in their life. We are here to gain you the compensation you deserve in times of mistreatment and misfortune.

The Perth office is managed by Principal Phil Gleeson and the legal team includes Associates Michelle Antunovich, and Erica Dobson, and lawyers Helen Parker and Larissa Atkinson.

Dedicated to the Perth community

Our team of legal professionals is committed to defending the rights of residents across Perth and the surrounding areas.

We offer legal advice and services in the event of workplace injuries, motor vehicle accidents, medical negligence, Will disputes, superannuation, employment and insurance, and other types of compensation and personal injury claims.

Contact us today or call in to our office in Perth to speak with lawyers who can help you to understand your situation and take action to gain the results you deserve.

If you are unable to come to our office, we can organise a more suitable meeting location.


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